For nearly thirteen years now, I’ve been deeply invested into US TV. TV shows have always been a passion of mine, the constant knowing that there will be more to come of the stories I love to watch.

But there was also an interest in sharing my knowledge about all things TV. I quickly gathered that reporting TV news was not just about being the first, or having every single story up on your site, but to make sure that what you post has to be accurate. A lot of today’s news headlines end with the obligatory question mark. Upon reading the story, you find out that there actually was no story, or that what the author offers is mainly speculation. Or there is this distinct feeling that the author’s first and foremost goal is to sell himself, and serious news reporting comes later. Not with this blog.

It is my distinct wish that every story that I post here is based on facts. That’s of course not to say that there won’t be the occasional question asked. But it will be a question that has to do with the facts reported – it’s not the question that makes the story, it’s the facts that might lead to a question.

Facts, Not Figures – the mantra for this blog, as it has always been, wherever it was located, remains the same. I’m not trying to figure the things out I want to post, I post facts.

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